Even When It Hurts

Yesterday we got some unexpected news from a friend that brought me to my knees.

I have experienced loss and frustration and pain, but never this close, this invasive. And let me tell you: the enemy picked the wrong people to mess with. We’re going to battle and he won’t win this one. We won’t give him the satisfaction.

So last night, sitting in my car after the tears and shock subsided, we set our battle plan. We decided the best way to fight is with praise.  With thanksgiving and gratitude. Because nothing defeats the devil better than lifting God’s name even higher in the midst of a trial. If Job can praise God after losing everything, so we can we. If Paul and Silas can sing His praises shackled in a prison cell, so can we. We will stand with confidence in the Lord’s provision and healing. We know He is greater and has a purpose in all things.

Even when my strength is lost.
Even when I have no song.
Even when it’s hard to find the words.
Louder then I’ll sing your praise.

The Back-to-School Grind

I don’t have words to describe the craziness of my days over the past three weeks. I feel like I need to just have “School is back, y’all” stamped on my forehead so people who pass me in the store will understand and have less judgmental glances when they see my out-of-control hair, rumpled clothes (despite my ironing nine hours earlier), and crazy, slightly glazed-over look.

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