Whole30 Snacks

One of the most frequent questions I’m getting about Whole30 is about snacks.

Technically, snacking is discouraged on Whole30. But realistically, some of us need snacks to keep our moods in check. (Read: me.)

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Read Feed | May 2018

May was a productive reading month! (Vacation helped.)

While we were in the Bahamas, I enjoyed Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, which made me laugh so hard I cried — and then read passages aloud to Zach. I love her writing style and I’m excited to read her other books when I need a good laugh.

My second book of vacation was Still Life by Louise Penny, which is the first installment of the Inspector Gamache series I’ve read so many rave reviews about. (If Shauna AND Sarah recommend it, you know it’s good.) IT DIDN’T DISAPPOINT. I’ve already picked up the next book for later this year.  Even if you aren’t a huge mystery fan, I still recommend you give this a shot.

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A Whole30 Summer

Well, you’ve asked for it. Here’s the start of a summer Whole30 series.

Friends have approached me over the past year to ask how to be successful with Whole30 — and other versions of clean eating (Paleo, GF/DF, etc.). I’ll be following Whole30 guidelines in June & July, and thought it would be a great time to help anyone who is interested in how I make it happen.

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