It’s April.

What a long winter it has been. I am so thankful for the trees beginning to bud (in Charlotte anyway). Spring is on its way, and with it comes lots of changes… Graduating from college. Moving home. Looking for my first “big girl” job.  It’s scary, but also incredibly exciting.

March was a crazy, but incredibly productive month. At school, I completed my Impact Unit and took over all 3 classes. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but in all honesty, it is. This season has truly shown me that teaching is my calling and that is so rewarding. I turned 22, which isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. More importantly, my beautiful sister turned 16, which blows me away.

It ended with lots of snow in Boonetown, and sickness for me and Zach. But a few days rest has me on the verge of feeling much better, just in time for some exciting stuff coming up.

The highest note for the whole month was Easter weekend at Elevation Church. Oh man, was it awesome! Here is a link to the highlights of the weekend. Over 1600 people met Jesus over those 3 days. Wow. What a Savior indeed.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to in April: 

1. This weekend: One of my dearest friends Sarah is marrying her man and I couldn’t be happier for them. I have the honor of being a bridesmaid, so the next few days will be crazy for me. I’m so excited to watch these two use their marriage to glorify Jesus.

2. SPRING BREAK. A week to relax, move some stuff home, read, and begin to re-settle in Charlotte. I am truly looking forward to the upcoming season in my life. More than anything, I am ecstatic to spend more time with my family and live in the same town as Zach again.

3. Reading “The Kite Runner” with my kids. I know it’s a small thing, but I’ve never read it before and I think it’s going to be awesome. I cannot wait to see what we learn together through it.

4. Spring Cleaning. Through my process of moving home, I’m very excited to be ridding myself of unnecessary things, donating clothes I no longer wear, and starting fresh.

Let’s jump to this month’s goals: 

1. 24 in 12: I’m adding “Kite Runner” here, simply because I’m very excited to read it with my students. I know it’s different than “outside reading” but I’ll take what I can get. I’m hoping to finish “Jesus Is” and move to “Explicit Gospel.” We will see.

2. Teach like it’s my job. Oh wait, it kind of is my job…without pay. I only have 3 more weeks with my kids, so I want to make the best of that time. I want to give them all I have. So there’s that goal.

3. Cut out soda. Really. Do I need to elaborate here? I mean, it’s ridiculous. You would think my brain would recognize water is better for me…

4. Make time for friendships. I have been such a recluse lately. I think my friends think I’m on another planet. And that’s not good. With only a few short weeks left in Boone, I need to really be intentional with my time and spend it with the wonderful friends I have made over the past four years. It’s not like I will never see them again, but I need to make sure they know how much I love them.

5. Declutter. Closets. Life. Drawers. E-mail. Brain.

6. Intentional Time with Jesus. Oh, how I know He will use this time to continue transforming and molding me into what He’s called me to. The new series starting this weekend at church is “God’s Will is Whatever,” and will discuss how to interpret God’s will in our lives. I just know that He is going to speak clearly to so many people, including me. I can’t wait to see how He uses Pastor to speak to me, and then only enhance it further in my quiet time. It’s going to rock.

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