Wandering Eyes

A girl can dream, right? I’ve got to stick to dreaming for a while… but I thought I would take the time to share some of the things I’m looking at while shopping (ha!) these days. Perhaps I’ll get lucky and a graduation present will appear because of this list. I’m always into the littlest of trinkets, but they make a bedroom (and  a classroom) most homey.

I got the idea to start posting my wishlist (because that’s truly what this is) from one of our friends, Emily, who write a wonderful blog called “Batman, Belle & Baby”, which you can check out here. She shares the chronicles of being a new stay-at-home mom and is an awesome writer. Definitely read it for a good laugh, entertaining stories, and an honest perspective.

So here’s my handy-dandy visual of what my wandering eyes are peeking at these days…


(click on the image to see the larger version)

1. New Glasses. These are the exact ones (couldn’t find a picture)… but I have a sample pair of frames coming my way that I’m excited to preview. They may seem a little bookish, but I think I’m bookish…and I’m an English teacher, so it’s fitting.

2. Jewelry Rack. Necklaces are so beautiful and they can double as room decor. I love the way this uses mismatched knobs to hold the necklaces. Lots of Pinterest searching ahead before a final choice is made… but I do like this a bunch. (Photo from Pinterest)

3. Stephen King’s memoir, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. I read excerpts of this book in my 8th grade English class and I think it would be a great text to read all the way through in preparation for teaching writing in the fall. King’s memoir is an interesting read, so it’s possible I will have the students read it as well. The link I’ve posted is for the 10th anniversary which looks amazing.

4. Wall Art. This might seem like a strange item to have on the list. However, I have a classroom to decorate prior to August 19th. Posters are expensive and, quite frankly, unnecessary. I would love to fill (not entirely) my walls with wall art as we see in this picture. I decorated several canvases for my sister for Christmas this past year, so I know I can do it… and I think it would be a fun project to do with her (she’s a killer artist). I could also purchase some cheap frames and spray paint them bright colors.  I would simply enjoy something that sets my room apart and makes it a happy, cheerful environment. (Photo from Pinterest)

5. Electric tea kettle. I recently discovered this wonderful invention during my friend Sarah’s wedding season. And oh how it changed my life. I love drinking hot tea in the mornings instead of coffee so I would use this on a daily basis. While I would love a cute and snazzy kettle as represented in the picture, the cuter ones are more expensive. A basic one is $20-$30 at Target, which is much more reasonable.

6. Journal. Oh I can’t help but love this journal. I’m sure the “Keep Calm” fad is on its way out, but there’s something about this that makes me want it so badly. Plus, it’s only $8.00. Win-win, eh? (Photo from Pinterest)

7. Tote bag. No teacher can have too many tote bags. Travel mugs leak, pens burst, and chocolate melts… all inside the bags we pick out specifically for toting student work back and forth, to and from home. I love this one. Etsy has some incredible things made by people much more creative than me. And this designer is one of those people. One of her other examples has a phrase on the bag, so I might do that instead of having my name plastered on it. An awesome (concise) book quote perhaps. Anyway, $28 isn’t bad for a customized tote, especially when you get to choose the color of the lace! I think they’re beautiful.

So there you have it. My current wishlist. It’s nothing crazy. Little things to gain over the course of the summer. I’m sure I will continue to post as my eyes continue to wander… so stay tuned 🙂

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