Donors Choose Project: Inspiring Students as Global Citizens Through Global Texts

Donors Choose Project: Inspiring Students as Global Citizens Through Global Texts

Hi everyone! I have created a DonorsChoose project for my classroom to purchase a new set of a novel I really hope to teach next semester. Due to budget cuts and other difficulties, our school cannot afford to purchase the books for us. The books our school has are older titles and are beginning to fall apart. Due to living in a high poverty area, students cannot afford books for themselves.

DonorsChoose is an awesome organization that aims to help teachers obtain the resources they need in their classrooms– such as new and exciting books.

If you would like to donate to my classroom project, I would be incredibly honored. I have included the link in this post. You can learn more specifics about what I hope to do while teaching the novel as well.

I have also been told that if you donate before December 19 (next Thursday) and enter the promo code “DISNEY” at checkout, Disney will MATCH your donation for my project! How awesome!

Donations are only taken through January 31st for this project, so if you are interesting in donating, please do so before that time. Any size donation helps! If you have any questions about the project or DonorsChoose, don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you SO much for considering supporting my students as they become better global citizens through the reading of contemporary texts like “The House of the Scorpion.”


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