Sweet As Pie: Christmas Gifts for Friends

This week I wanted to do something special for the teachers and administrators at school who have been so kind, welcoming and supportive during my first semester of teaching.

I have recently become a fan of Snapguide, which is like Pinterest but with step by step “how-to’s” for fun crafts and recipes (and has a great app). I found this guide for mason jar apple pies and couldn’t help myself.

The guide doesn’t lie when it said it was time consuming. 20 jars took about 3 hours to prep (the longest part is placing the bottom layer of dough in the jars) and bake– which doesn’t include cooling and decorating time, but the result was so worth it. It would also go by more quickly with two people working on them. I used my favorite pie recipe and the store-bought refrigerated pie crust instead of the recipe provided. They turned out wonderfully and seemed to be a big hit! I love giving personal, homemade gifts so this was perfect for me this season.

Here are some pictures from my night of baking.

20131221-092324.jpg      20131221-092336.jpg      20131221-092346.jpg

20131221-092354.jpg      20131221-092401.jpg      20131221-092413.jpg

I personalized the tags with the recipient’s name and a quick message. I used red tulle ($2.50 for a 50 yard roll at Walmart) on top and twine (huge roll I already had) to attach the tag. The original guide used cute Christmad fabric/paper. Making it your own is a lot of fun.

If you enjoy making homemade gifts, I completely recommend trying this out. I look forward to making them again– I just won’t start late at night next time and will definitely have help.

What are some personalized gifts you like to make for friends and family? I would love to hear from you!

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