#2014GoalSetting: Part 1

As 2014 barrels toward us, it’s time to evaluate 2013 and prepare for the new year. I love using Lara Casey’s blog series to direct me through this process. It’s my 2nd year doing it and it has really changed the way I view setting goals and…(shockingly) I ACTUALLY met most of them in the end! (More on that later…)

The first part of the process of setting goals for 2014 is looking back on 2013 to see what worked, what didn’t, and the awesome highlights of the year. I highly recommend you checking out her blog and doing it yourself!

So, here is my highlight reel– the 13 Best Moments of 2013 (in no particular order):

1. Student Teaching at East Wilkes High-TOTAL blast. Loved every minute.

2. Weddings Galore. Celebrating with several of my closest friends on their wedding day filled my heart to the brim. Such incredible joy.

3. Getting my DREAM job at MHS. What a happy day– and amazing semester!

4. Graduating college (and celebrating in the Bahamas!)- Boom.

5. Easter at church: “The Greatest Story Forever Told” was so special.

6. Dad’s Surprise 50th Birthday Celebration. SO much fun!

7. Enter Gracie– our zany, loving mess of a golden retriever.

8. Setting a date for our wedding!

9. Celebrating the lives of Mema and Jamae. A hard season to face, but in the end, they’re experiencing the most incredible Heaven Party, where no cancer or pain can hurt them anymore.

10. #52Days of Thanks & Praise. Such a perspective shifting experience.

11. Spending the holidays with family. Precious memories.

12. eGroups– with my favorite ladies in Boone, and now incredible new friends in Charlotte. Love doing life with such impactful women of God.

13. Christmas at Elevation-– while I couldn’t make any of the worship experiences due to family events, the message is so relevant and powerful. Thankful for such life change!

I have also started my Pinterest board (which is part of the goal-setting process)– feel free to take a look! I will add more throughout the weekend.

I will post in the next few days about my 2013 goals (met and unmet) and things that did and didn’t work this year. (Also part of Part 1.)

I hope you’ll consider going through this process with me! I would love to hear about it if you join in!


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