What Fires Me Up! in #2014GoalSetting

The next step in this process of goal setting is to make a list of what fires me up, so here are just a few things in my list:

  • God’s never-ending, unfailing love and grace for His children
  • Belly-aching, uncontrollable laughter.
  • The little things: crawling into bed with clean sheets, a newly organized space, a new planner for the year, an inspiring story, a good hair day, “Good morning” texts, etc.
  • Life change stories, or “so that’s”: hearing about individuals and whole families that transform after hearing the Gospel never gets old. I cry every time (Zach can attest to that!)
  • Seeing a lightbulb turn on in my students’ eyes when they finally get “it”
  • A student coming back and saying they love a book we’re reading and they can’t put it down
  • Passion in others for a new project, commitment, etc.
  • The knowledge that I get to marry the love of my life in almost 7 months
  • Being still. Taking time for myself.
  • Growth. I always want to be learning.
  • Hearing about the lives of my students and how far they have come. Their vulnerability and openness astounds me and breaks me. (Side note: the day before winter break, my Honors students shared some of their poetry, and I bawled like a baby. It was a powerful moment.)
  • Inspiring blog posts from others– I love how technology can connect me to others who deal with the same things I do, have pushed through them, or provide ways for me to grow as a person
  • Lately, several new things have made this list: Healthy living. Putting good things in my body and taking care of myself–with plenty of sleep, exercise, etc.

Step 7: My Vision for the New Year

I wasn’t sure what my vision was going to be for the new year leading up to last night. I knew the way I want things to go, but that wasn’t helping me put it into words. And then, last night, Zach and I went to the Praise Party at our church to ring in 2014. God spoke through our pastor in one of the most inspiring ways– and directly into our situation. Through this message, He revealed my vision for 2014– the exact thing I need to keep my eyes on all year long:

In 2014, I will count on the blessings before they come, believing in the promises God has given me–despite the fact that the harvest has yet to arrive. I will see my battles as blessings that God is using to bring me closer to Him. I will remember that the best is yet to come and that He is always with me. I will live through 2014 with intentionality and purpose, while also being reminded that His grace covers me when I fall. 

Steps 8 & 9: Things I will say YES and NO to in 2014: 

NO: Laziness. Selfishness. Overcommitment. Time-sucking activities like Netflix and social media. Crappy food. The snooze button (but seriously). Unneeded stuff (like the little things I pick up at Target that I don’t really need). Clutter. Negativity. Temptation.

YES: Time with God. Intentional conversations. Patience. Marriage. Time management. A healthy lifestyle. Reading for pleasure. Teaching my heart out. Growth. Learning. The Word. Budgeting and saving. Friendships. Serving God and my church. Bringing people to Christ. Passion. Love. Mercy. Grace.

My core word for 2014: 


Happy New Year, everyone!

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