Living Legacy & Radical Challenge

I am so close to reaching the final step of the goal-setting process. Here are the last few items leading up to my 2014 goals.

My journey through Steps 10-12 were more difficult than I expected, simply because they were tough questions with so many potential answers. So, here are my condensed responses:

Step 10: What will my living legacy be? What are the seeds I will plant in 2014? 

I will love and respect my students. Even if one of us is having a bad day. I will be an active listener so that they know there is someone who cares about them. I hope to plant the seed of the love of learning. 

I will plant the seed of faith in Jesus in others. I will encourage them to look to the Word of God for answers. I will be an example of grace and humility. I will be a light in the world. 

Step 11: What will I do this year that is radical

I will participate in the Contentment Challenge from January 5-April 30. You can read about the Contentment Challenge here and here. The bare bones of the challenge is that I will not purchase any items outside of my necessities for the next 4 months. This allows me to give more to others and save more for married life. I will have a post dedicated specifically to this on Sunday. It’s going to be incredibly hard, but I believe that God is going to teach me so much through it. 

Step 12: Pick a song for the year. 

My song for 2014 is “Last Word” by Elevation Worship. (Their album with this song drops on 1/14.) This song speaks to me so powerfully. It is a reminder that no matter what happens, Jesus has already taken care of me. I am human, so I will fall short– but His grace covers me and He has the final word in my life.

You can watch the video from the live recording here:

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