2014 Goals. Finally.

imageI’m finally to the point that I can post my goals for 2014. I highly recommend Lara Casey’s blog— she’s such a source of inspiration for me. I began my goal-setting journey last year and have grown so much from the experience. After taking the time to set the following intentional goals for 2014, I can honestly say I am so, so excited. It is going to be an incredible year of new challenges, adventures, and relationships. I know it will be an unforgettable testimony to God’s provision, guidance and grace. Thank you, Lord, for the blessings and trials you have in store.

The idea behind the goals is that each should revolve around my 2014 vision (more about my heart behind this vision here):

In 2014, I will count on the blessings before they come, believing in the promises God has given me–despite the fact that the harvest has yet to arrive. I will see my battles as blessings that God is using to bring me closer to Him. I will remember that the best is yet to come and that He is always with me. I will live through 2014 with intentionality and purpose, while also being reminded that His grace covers me when I fall.

My 14 goals for 2014 (I promise, I didn’t do that on purpose–it just happened):

Develop healthy habits: eat more whole foods (less processed junk), exercise regularly, and sleep 8 hours per night.

Be intentional in relationships and prioritize community. image I need to invest in my friends and family more this year. A lot will change once married life begins, and I want to make sure I don’t disregard others I care about during that transition. I am a total homebody (and introvert), so I have to really push myself to be social sometimes. So I will prioritize my eGroup and eTeam at church and spend time with a friend once a week (even if it’s only an hour coffee date). 

Reduce my time spent on social media to 30 minutes a day. This is simply a way to knock out the time-sucking aspect of it. 15 minutes in the morning (if that) and 15 minutes at night is plenty of time.

Blog twice a week. Obviously I’ve been blogging a lot lately with the holidays and goal setting, but prior to that, I had really ignored my writing or been very inconsistent. Hopefully this will also keep my posts a little shorter in length. This week has reminded me how much I love it– so it made its way onto the list.

verseDig deeper in the Word. The Bible continues to amaze me in its relevance and impact. I’m excited to learn even more through my study individually and with others. I also purchased this awesome prayer journal to use for the first half of the year.

Organize my life. I purchased Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner for the year and will utilize that to organize my schedule and be specific in how I use my time throughout the day. I also want to organizes the spaces I live and work in: my bedroom (and later, our apartment), my classroom, my car, etc. Taking the time to de-clutter these spaces will optimize my productivity and save time in the long run.

Develop a weekly schedule for optimum time management. This might seem really tedious to some people. But for me, it really is essential. I know that wrenches will be thrown in and muddy up whatever pretty schedule I create, but this all leads back to my desperate need for time management and intentionality. As a teacher, I don’t have the luxury of leaving my job at the office. It comes home with me. So this goal will probably take me all year (and I still might not master it), but I want to do my best to create a regulated plan for when I stay at school late, when I grade papers at home, and when I put everything away.

Read 9 books in 12 months. See my post here on my list of books.

Participate in the Contentment Challenge from January-April. (More to come on this in a later post.)

Complete my first year of teaching in June with a positive outlook and a learner’s inspireattitude. So far, my first year has been great. Halfway through and I can honestly say I have grown a lot and readjusted my expectations many times. So, despite the seemingly uncaring stance of our state on the well-being of its teachers, I intend to finish my first year of teaching knowing that I did my best. I will finish the year with my very best efforts. And then pick up my books and begin preparing for the next school year, as long as my school will have my back! I want to study new teaching materials and methods, learn how to be even more interactive with my students’ learning process, and continue developing  new resources for them to use.


youCelebrate marriage and togetherness. Yes, this includes all the prep work for the wedding. I look forwarding to celebrating our marriage on August 9, but I am also excited about learning how to be married–through lots of prayer, intentionality, and time in the Word together (along with some hiccups, mistakes, and lessons learned). On the smaller scale, I am so thrilled to start our own family traditions too!

Adjust necessary life matters for married life. Our bank accounts, my last name (and all the craziness that entails),  a new monthly budget, more organization, our apartment, etc.

Plan a fun trip for us in 2015. In the time we have while we are married without children, Zach and I really want to travel and see new things. I’m not talking about anything crazy extensive or far away, but I want to plan a trip for just the two of us for next year. We hope to visit a new place each year.

imageBe less busy. Take time to breathe. So much of the reason I want to plan out my weeks is to make more free time that I don’t have to feel guilty about. Whenever I took time for myself this semester, I constantly felt like I was dropping or neglecting something in order to do so. Not this year. I want to enjoy my moments and not beat myself up for them. This also means cutting out things– which I will do slowly while still trying to maintain my goals.



There they are. My 2014 goals. Phew. It feels so good to have a purpose in mind for the year. An incredible year lies ahead. I will post monthly about my progress. It’s going to be great.


Zach has said I need to print the image above and post it everywhere I can- just so that I won’t forget that a calm life IS okay, and actually much better, than a busy, stressful one.

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