Live & Enjoy

I stumbled across an image on Pinterest today and it encouraged me so much– and inspiration struck! Here’s a few thoughts on setting goals.


It reminded me that while it’s great to set goals, it’s even more important to live and enjoy life. I can’t penalize myself for doing the best I can. So here I am starting fresh–again! And that’s okay.

This first post back after my 2 month hiatus will simply be an update on where I’m standing in my goals and a few exciting things that have happened.

Goal Update: 

1. Develop healthy habits: I’m really lagging in this area and hoping to pick back up soon. I definitely need more sleep, more exercise, and less junk.

2. Be intentional in relationships and community. I am actually very proud of how I’m doing in this area. I really feel like I am diving deeper into relationships, while also meeting new people and truly getting to know them. I’m really grateful for the way God is growing me in this area. I’m still working on putting my phone away during 100% of the conversation…

3. Reduce time spent on social media to 30 minutes per day. This has been one of my greatest adventures yet. Since my last post, I have participated in several social media fasts. Those moments really grew me, pushed me more into the Word, and allowed me to invest more into people. It also caused me to develop a laser-focus into the moments I am experiencing. Still more growth to come in this area.. but I’m excited about where it’s taking me.

4. Blog twice a week. Obviously, this has not happened. I will do better.

5. Dig deeper in the Word. I have been in my Bible more in the past 2 months than I have been in a long time. I’m working on consistency and intentionality here. God is continuing to teach me so much!

6. Organize my life. I have re-organized my closet and my classroom and my car since last time. Transformational indeed.

7. Weekly schedule: I’m not there yet. But I will get there.

8. 9 books in 12 months: I read “The Meaning of Marriage” by the Kellers, which was phenomenal. So inspiring and practical. I’m about halfway through “Crash the Chatterbox,” but have not looked into “Margin” anymore. I may be replacing it with a text from my alternates list. Also, Zach got me a Kindle for my birthday, so that’s an exciting step towards reaching my reading goal!

9. Contentment Challenge: January-April. I never got around to posting about this, but it has been a very difficult and interesting experience. This is essentially a non-essentials shopping fast. In other words, I’ve avoided Target like the plague! (Or I take Zach in with me for accountability…) I have only broken down twice, but otherwise I have been avoiding unnecessary spending as much as possible so that I can be more wise with my spending habits. More to come (I mean it this time) about this soon.

10. Complete my first year of teaching with a positive outlook and learner’s attitude: I’m becoming more optimistic about my place. I went to a 3 day conference on technology in the classroom earlier this month and I am excited to dig deeper into some of the ideas and test them out. We are all feeling this long stretch to Spring Break (stupid snow days!), but we only have 2 weeks to go, which is a glorious thing. Things will certainly be looking up after that as we inch closer and closer to the summer.

11. Celebrate marriage and togetherness: We have finalized more wedding details, been approved for an apartment, started pre-marital counseling, and are working toward August and beyond with as much grace as we know how. “The Meaning of Marriage” taught me a lot and I look forward to continuing to learn leading up to August.

12. Adjust life matters for marriage: Baby steps. Baby steps.

13. Be less busy. Take time to breathe. I need to do this more. And more. And more.

Exciting Events: 

Zach is now working at Monroe High as a media assistant. This is a huge blessing for us financially and otherwise. It is so awesome to see him working in his element while also making an impact on future generations.

Morgan and I both celebrated birthdays. It’s funny how birthdays aren’t that big of a deal after a certain point. I’m excited to be 23 because it’s the year I get married, but otherwise… it’s just another birthday. Seeing Morgan celebrate turning 17 was fun though 🙂

I attended the NCTIES conference in Raleigh and learned all sorts of things to help me grow and develop my classroom into a tech-friendly zone.

Morgan is in “The Sound of Music” at school next week– and I’m helping. I was in the musical when I was a freshman at WHS, so it’s been fun to be back in the theater helping out. The group only has 3 more dress rehearsals before opening night! It’s going to be great.

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