Highlight Reel of 2014.

2014 was a banner year for the Halls. I pulled some highlights from Instagram to help show some of my favorite moments from an unforgettable year. 

1. Praise Party 2014: Count On It

We started the New Year with a bang at the Praise Party with our church family. We learned to count on blessings from God before they come– and we returned to this message again and again throughout the year. So good.

2. Sarah’s Baby Shower/the Arrival of Baby Matthew

It was so exciting to celebrate my friend’s first baby. Sarah is so dear to me and Matthew is such a sweet kid! I love being part of their lives.


3. Zach joined the Redhawk family. 

One of the blessings we counted on leading up to the wedding was a full time job for Zach. Little did we know that He would provide a job so early in the new year. It has been such a fun journey working together!

4. I was the Assistant Director for “The Sound of Music” at WHS. 

This was such a fun adventure! Morgan was cast as Sister Margaretta in WHS’s production of “The Sound of Music”– one of my all-time favorites– and I was given the opportunity to be the assistant director for the show. I absolutely loved working with the students and stepping out of my comfort zone for something new. Also, this was my obsessed-with-iced-chai phase.


5. We spent some serious quality time with the Briney family.

Every visit is our new favorite B5 expedition. And my phone’s camera roll (and Instagram feed) proves it. We love this family so much! I couldn’t help but include a few fun pictures from this year:

Briney2 Briney3 Briney4 Brineys1

6. Zach’s brother Matthew graduated from high school. ∫

This may have made us feel old, but we were so thrilled for Matthew. He actually just moved to Raleigh this week to start his post-secondary education. Always so proud of him. Love you, Matthew!


7. We attended the weddings of several dear college friends: the Berrys and the Reynolds. 

These weddings were both so beautiful and a wonderful reflection of our friends’ love for each other and for Jesus.


8. Showers, showers, showers… and wedding prep. 

Many family members and friends came together to throw such beautiful celebrations for us as the weeks leading up to our big day dwindled. We truly loved spending time with everyone and gaining some amazing wisdom going into marriage. We also got incredible gifts that help make our apartment home 🙂 Special thanks again to Morgan, Lacey, Delora, Kim, Shelley, Lauren, Kellie, Donna, Barry, Sarah, and Tori for all of your hard work to make them happen.


We also survived the craziness of planning a wedding in the midst of teaching full time. Even with the summer off, it was busy! Addressing all of the invitations was a fun few days sitting around the table with lots of laughs. We were so excited the night we finished that we wanted to go to the post office right then. I didn’t even care that I was already in pajamas. I’m glad we got to document the moment– it will be fun to look back on for years.


9. We attended Elevation’ Worship’s Wake Up the Wonder Live Recording at TWC Arena.

Just one week before the wedding, we had the privilege of attending a night of worship at Time Warner Cable Arena in Uptown Charlotte. The worship team at our church led us in songs written by our church leaders and we celebrated God’s glory and faithfulness together. It was the best possible way to lead up to our wedding and really helped put us in an attitude of worship and gratitude.


10. And before we knew it… we were getting married!

Our wedding day came in a flash. I can say without hesitation that it was the best day of my life. We were surrounded by our favorite people and felt so showered with love. It was so special. I have so many precious memories from that day that I will never forget. I loved having some of the most talented musicians and friends lead us in worship. I loved having Taylor, a man dear to Zach’s heart and our relationship, marry us. I loved sharing communion with my husband and our family as our first act as husband and wife. I loved having time away with my groom right after the ceremony so that Erica could capture our joy in photographs before the exhaustion set in. I loved having my brother-in-law Luke sing the song for our first dance, knowing that up until 5 minutes before he sang the song, he had forgotten his guitar in his car and had to sprint from one side of the venue to the other to get set up in time. I loved sharing a dance with my dad and a special prayer with my mom. I loved the sweet hug from Zach’s Pops that was caught on camera just after we walked back down the aisle as husband and wife. I loved all the little moments (there are many more I could mention) that add up to the most beautiful day of my life. I am so grateful for the beautiful images that Erica captured throughout the day that will help me preserve these memories forever. What a treasure.


11. We traveled to Jamaica for a beautiful honeymoon. 

Every day we had breakfast in bed, laid on the beach and read books, and enjoyed a peaceful vacation. We didn’t do anything daring or adventurous–no snorkeling or excursions–and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It was magical. This was our favorite spot, just outside of our room:


12. We enjoyed married life and joined an eGroup. 

Transitioning into marriage is a challenge, no matter what the circumstances are prior to the wedding day. It has been the most incredible 5 months with a patient, loving husband. We are learning something new everyday about marriage, God, and each other. We love our eGroup with other young married couples and learn so much from our time together.

We’ve enjoyed several fun trips since August, including a trip to Boone to go to an AppState game with new friends from eGroup and we got to visit Tori briefly while we were there 🙂

Adventure1 Adventure2

13. We celebrated our first Thanksgiving and Christmas together as a married couple with our families. 

Thanksgiving was well spent in Myrtle Beach with my mom’s side of the family. We loved spending time with everyone, especially since it was the first time seeing them since the wedding.

We also got to spend the week of Christmas with Zach’s whole family in Orlando. I had never spent Christmas away from home, so Christmas Day was bittersweet but still a lot of fun. We got to spend several days at Disney World, which I documented pretty thoroughly on Instagram. I only remember my previous trips through pictures, so it was fun to experience it with a fresh perspective. We also got to tackle Universal Studios (and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!) on the 2nd busiest day of the year. It was a doozy, but so much fun seeing the story I love so much come to life.


When we returned from Florida, we got to visit with my family before I got sick with flu-like symptoms. Christmas Break turned into a relaxing vacation spent in bed with a Harry Potter movie marathon. I hated to be sick, but appreciated the down time.

14. We participated in the year-end Surround offering at church. 

The “Surround” series at our church was such an incredible way to reflect on the awesome things that have happened in the life of our church and to make room for more miracles in 2015 and beyond. It was an honor to invest in the Kingdom together and pray over the future of our church during this time.


So, there you have it. The Top 14 moments of 2014. We had an amazing year and there are plenty of other moments I could highlight; these are just the ones that jumped out at me first. I am expectant in this start of 2015 and cannot wait to see what God has in store for us this year. 

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