Friday Five 002: Five that Give Back

Welcome back for Friday Five! Today I want to feature 5 organizations that have meaning and promote a great cause. I don’t know about you, but I love to purchase products and support companies that give back to the community and help make the world a better place, even if it means spending a little bit more.

I can’t make as big of an impact as just one person, so I do my best to support others who have the means to do it instead. I highly encourage you to look into these items  and to become more aware of the footprint you leave through the products you buy. We can’t control everything, but we can have a positive influence as global citizens with the way we spend our money.


1. It Starts with Me Campaign— My dear friend Chrissy, an up-and-coming author, shaved her head to raise awareness for human trafficking victims last month. She is almost at the end of her campaign to raise $21,000 by April 21 (next Tuesday) to benefit the A21 campaign. As an eGroup, we were able to pray over her and celebrate her boldness on the night she shaved her head as a symbol of what many women who are trafficked experience. It was a night I won’t forget. Our friend Kelly articulates it better than I ever could here. If you’re interested in donating, click on “It Starts With Me Campaign” above to help us support an organization that is actively putting a stop to human trafficking worldwide.

I snapped this shot right after Chrissy saw herself in the mirror for the first time with a shaved head.
I snapped this shot right after Chrissy saw herself in the mirror for the first time with a shaved head.

2. Noon Day Collection— I stumbled across this company on Instagram several weeks ago through Jess Connolly, founder of the Naptime Diaries shop and the Influence Network (both are awesome). She took over the Noon Day Collection Instagram account for a week and offered a giveway, so I (of course) entered. I did not win (I never do), but I still loved learning about their products and their mission. The purpose of this company is to empower women in the developing world by selling their indigenous, fair trade products in order to provide for their families and grow entrepreneurship in their region. I love their jewelry and accessories. Most are extremely affordable, too. A sample of my favorites include: the Athena cuff, the Bazaar Bangles, the Acai Rope Necklace, and these Arched Arrow Earrings. I think they are perfect ideas for gift, because I love to give a gift that benefits a cause. Update: I will host a trunk show on June 25 from 7-9 p.m. If you are interested in joining, comment on this post below!)

I love how this image from Noon Day captures their mission.

3. Yoobi— This company has made huge strides this year since they have partnered with Target. When you buy Yoobi products at Target, you give back. It is a brand of school supplies that operates similarly to TOMS shoes; they are a one for one company that donates a product for every product sold. These donated items go to schools in need, like mine. Last semester, MHS was blessed with boxes full of Yoobi supplies and my students use them every day. (It was like Christmas that day around here!) They carry their pencil pouches and folders with such pride. For many, these were the first supplies they’ve ever received that are brand new.Their products are high quality and come in all different colors. Next time you need supplies, check out their aisle at Target or visit their online store, which offers even more than the Target aisle. Limited products are also available on Amazon.

These are the pencil pouches filled with Yoobi products that I made last semester for my students.
These are the pencil pouches filled with Yoobi products that I made last semester for my students.

4. The Giving Keys-– If you have not heard of the Giving Keys, you are missing out. Their main features are chain necklaces with keys inscribed with various words such as COURAGE, BELIEVE, STRENGTH and HOPE. (Again, beautiful gifts.) You get to choose the style of key and the message when you make your purchase. However, you do not get to keep the necklace forever. The concept is to pay it forward and eventually give the necklace to someone who could use that word of encouragement. Then you get to share your story on the website. (You can read inspiring stories here.) The company itself, based in LA, employs people who are transitioning from homelessness, which is a cause very dear to me. 10% of the profit from certain keys, like HOPE, benefits Chrysalis. The keys and pendants come in a variety of styles and lengths. They also have other items like bracelets, rings, totes, and sweatshirts. The company also partners with other companies to create feature items like the limited edition blanket, which is a one-to-one purchase benefiting the LA Rescue Mission.

5. The Honest Company— This company created some of my favorite household products. You can find them at Target, Whole Foods, Costco, and Buy Buy Baby, but you can also shop online. Their best deals are their bundles, such as the Diapers and Wipes bundle and the Essentials bundle. Many of the products are for moms and babies (from formula to swaddles), but I love to use their products in our home! I love their laundry detergent and dryer sheets but also want to try their bath and dish products. Everything is all natural, eco-friendly, and affordable. The company is passionate about their social responsibility to children and families. Each type of product benefits a different philanthropic organization that focuses on child nutrition, safety or education.  When you run out of hand soap or laundry detergent next time, consider replacing your favorite with an Honest Co. product.

Few people know that the Honest Co. was founded by Jessica Alba, a well-known actress and her husband when they wanted quality products for their babies.

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