Friday Five 003: Five I’m Trying

Happy Saturday! It has been a crazy week in the Hall family so we are thrilled for the weekend. Today’s Friday Five (one day late) will focus on five things I’m trying out. Most revolve around wellness and health, which is very new for us. I hope you enjoy hearing a bit about what’s going on around here!

1. Running. Most people who know me well are likely in shock about this one. I have always hated running (and exercise in general) so this is a big deal for me. Last month I started #Couchto5K with my friends Kayla, Brooke, and Karen. I highly recommend using this app to help you start running! It has gradually moved me to be more confident and comfortable with running. I have a long way to go but I am grateful for the comraderie and the time to kick my butt into shape. I ran my first 5K last night and was happy with the result. My goal is to run a 5K straight through at least once this summer!


Here are my stats from last night’s 5K, our before pic, and my approach to the finish line with Chrissy!


2. Going Paleo. Zach and I are making a conscious effort to pay more attention to what we are putting into our body. We have talked about changing our eating habits over the past few months, but this week we buckled down to do some research and are kicking off a Paleo diet with friends Shannon and Michael on Monday. (Accountability makes everything better!) We are not fad-crazed– we just know we need to make some changes and this seems to be the healthiest, balanced option for us right now. We are aiming for 5 Paleo-friendly dinners per week, with breakfasts and lunches also meeting Paleo standards. This means we can still enjoy some dairy and grains every now and then and don’t have to have a weird conversation when joining friends or family for dinner. If you don’t know what a Paleo diet is, this is a great guide. Grains and dairy are our common weaknesses so we believe that limiting those foods will help us meet our health goals. I’m really excited to see the difference this makes for us.  


3. doTERRA: My friend Shannon reached out to me several months ago about doTERRA  essential oils and in the midst of my health-conscious lifestyle shift, I decided to give it a try. Shannon had seen a huge improvement in her health and overall wellness by integrating essential oils into her life and I wanted to know more! Because I knew her personally, I knew that her shared experience with these products  would be genuine and helpful. I participated in a Google Hangout class and was amazed by all that these oils could do to help improve my health. For the past 10 days, I’ve used the Lifelong Vitality vitamins, Mito2Max for energy, and Terrazyme for gut health. I have seen a huge difference in just these 10 days— and that’s in the midst of two of the busiest weeks of the semester! I am excited to try additional products to supplement overall wellness.

4. Trader Joe’s AKA my new BFF. In our transition toward healthier meals, I have become increasingly frustrated with the prices for nutritious foods. I have always loved shopping at Harris Teeter, but I was walking away from my weekly grocery store runs discouraged by the way I couldn’t stick to the grocery budget we set and purchase quality ingredients. I’m not trying to break the bank or go crazy with ingredients, so I took several friends’ advice and headed to TJ’s with Chrissy (Zach is an in-and-out kind of shopper and I wanted to take my time). For two weeks now, I have enjoyed fresh, quality ingredients for far less money. Granted, I can’t pick up everything I need at Trader Joe’s, but that’s what Target is for, right? I have been very happy with this transition and I’m excited to go to the grocery store now rather than dreading it.


This is one of 3 designs for a free phone wallpaper from The Fringe Hours website.

5. Saying “no.” You might be thinking “What in the world does this have to do with health and wellness?” For me, everything. My natural instinct is to say “yes” which leads to over commitment, stress, and lack of sleep– and those are just a few consequences. I’m trying really hard to put this into practice in order to create something that resembles balance in my life. My schedule is c-r-a-z-y and sometimes looking at my planner makes me hyperventilate. Life shouldn’t be this way. One of my goals for the year is to prune away the commitments I don’t need or enjoy. This is an on-going process because I have certainly added more than I intended (like running and a small tutoring job), but I love those things and their benefits. I’m also still learning what the pruning process looks like– how to say “no” with grace and not walk away feeling guilty. I started reading The Fringe Hours this week and it is helping me tackle these obstacles from a biblical perspective. If you are looking for guidance on that tricky word “balance” and making time for you, check out this book.

I certainly did not plan on such a long post today, but I hope it has been a decent read. My question for you today is: What is something new you are trying out? or What is something you wish you could do for you? I would love to hear about what you’re doing! Just comment below! 

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