Teacher Talk 004: Good Reads?

Happy Tuesday! My brain is filled with all kinds of topics to cover today, but I thought I would take a moment to discuss a new reading initiative we are implementing at our school this week and how it will impact the community.

At our school, we have a daily tutoring/remediation period for students to gain additional face-to-face time with each of their teachers. As a low-income, high priority school, this is an essential practice to help pull these students closer to their proper grade level.  Outside of this 40 minute period, we have 4 classes per day, so we revisit each class 1 time per week for the review period. This leaves Fridays for either returning to a class again or visiting homeroom for study skills, information from Guidance, etc.

This week we are changing up how we do Fridays. Instead of covering additional content, everyone in the building is going to stop everything and read. You might be thinking, “I bet there will be someone who isn’t reading.” Nope. Everyone in the building will read. From the freshmen to the principal; from those with a planning period to the physical trainer. We get to read a book for fun.

I am so excited about this new initiative because it has so many wonderful benefits. Many of our students grow up in families that do not value reading or may not even have any books in their home. This means that these students are below grade level (research shows that reading at home improves test scores and overall intelligence) and do not like reading. When we first told the students about this, we got more groans than cheers, but we want to change that and create a culture of literacy at our school!


Currently, our students are in a frenzy to find a book to read before Friday. (What a wonderful sight!) Classes have taken over the library, teachers have visited used books stores, and we are still in search of more interesting titles to offer our students. While I love to read and try to read as often as I can, I often do not have time so there are many new books out that I do not know about. If you or someone you know has read a great book lately, comment below with the title so I can recommend it to my students! Any type of text is great!


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