Our Merry-Go-Round Summer

Back in May, I knew I wanted to take the week off for our beautiful trip to the Bahamas, and that got me off track in the blogging world. The end of the semester hit like a ton of bricks with more to do than I could ever imagine possible, but summer is officially in full swing and I am so grateful for a teensy bit of downtime.

A peek at our favorite spot in the Bahamas.


I’ve officially started grad school and it is very exciting, fast paced and all-around-crazy. But I’m loving it. We are in an awesome cohort and we are actually learning things that apply to our classrooms. I couldn’t ask for better friends to sprint through this experience with.

Zach and I fell off the paleo circuit but it was a great learning experience for us. We learned that it isn’t entirely practical for our budget or our palates to completely cut out grains and dairy, but we are still striving to eat better. We feel so much better when we do!

I have run several 5Ks since May and that has been a incredible feat for me. I used to HATE running and believed I could not run for longer than 5 minutes. Now I’m running in 35-45 minute segments and I’m in awe! I really love it and I’m so grateful for the friends surrounding me (read: refusing to let me quit) in the process.


Our latest 5K, in the blazing heat.

We have also started the Insanity workouts to up our strength training. Let me tell you, it’s named Insanity for a reason. It’s kicking my butt, but I love knowing I’m doing something good for my health.

We got to celebrate Morgan’s high school graduation this month as well. I’m so proud of how hard she pushed herself this year and I know she has an awesome journey ahead of her when she joins the Wolfpack in the fall.

Zach just finished up a two week stint at Myrtle Beach helping with a pop-up coding class and I’m so proud of him for continuing to grow his skill set. He starts a new endeavor at BrewPublik on Monday where he will get to learn a lot and help design their new site. And, we are in the height of soccer season cheering on the Charlotte Independence, which he chronicles at CrownTownSoccer.com. I’m so happy he gets to spend his summer on projects he’s passionate about.

While he was away, I stayed with my parents so that I could be closer to school and not-so-alone for two weeks. I got to spend some quality time with them (and Gracie) and I took advantage of their screened porch as much as I could.

This week I was able to host the NoonDay trunk show I’ve been talking about for months. It was inspiring to hear the stories behind the products they sell. This company is the real deal and is working hard to promote fair trade in developing countries and to support women wanting to make a difference in their communities and families. (I was so excited to host that I completely forgot to take any pictures!) It was also wonderful to have some of my favorite ladies all in the same room.

It’s been a wonderful start to summer.  We’re loving the time we get to spend with friends and family, so it’s so nice to know we still have 6 weeks to enjoy before we are back to the workplace. We haven’t been still as much as I would like– in fact, I feel like I’m on a merry-go-round that just won’t let me off– but I am excited for some beach days ahead and whatever else comes our way. Life is good!

What are some things you are doing this summer? I would love to hear from you! 

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