NoonDay: Style with an Impact

On Saturday during a drive to Raleigh to meet my cousin’s new baby girl, I updated the blog on a few things the Halls are up to this summer. I wanted to highlight one of those experiences a little more fully today– while shamelessly advertising for one of my new favorite companies.

Last week, I hosted a NoonDay Collection jewelry party at Mom’s house. We both invited friends and I whipped up a few goodies for everyone to enjoy. (If you like sangria, cheesecake-filled strawberries, gluten free cookies, or peanut butter dip, you should try these recipes. They were a hit!)

If you keep up with my blog, you probably have read me gabbing about NoonDay on more than one occasion. And for good reason. This company’s purpose is to sell beautiful accessories while empowering female entrepreneurs in developing countries and they are making a significant impact. The leadership of the company has roots in Anthropologie and that influence is clear whenever you take a look through their catalog/website.

The party is structured much like any other “come buy stuff” party (I don’t really know a better way to put it), except for a really cool detail: we got to hear the stories behind several pieces of jewelry. Here’s one story for you: This bracelet that my mom loves is one made by women in Ethiopia who are HIV+ and were previously ostracized from society. Because of NoonDay’s ability to pay them 2-3 times the typical market price for their items, these women have access to medicine to manage their disease and are reunited with their children.

That is just one example of the stories behind these accessories. There are many stories recorded that show NoonDay’s impact worldwide. Pretty awesome, right?

The NoonDay Ambassador who visited us that evening brought in a multitude of accessories: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, scarves, handbags, and more. I truly wish I could buy it all. It was all displayed on my mom’s kitchen table and the ladies who came each got to pick a piece to wear with their outfit for the evening. We all ended up swapping and trying on different items– I loved that I didn’t have to look at a screen to decide what I wanted. She had most of the inventory there for us to explore.

In the end, we all had to made the hard decision of what to purchase. There was a range of beautiful purchases– from the Lovely Loops necklace, to the Clustered Charm necklace, to the Glimmer bracelet. Everything was beautiful— but we were most excited about the fact that our pretty accessories were benefiting people in need.

After a bit of inner turmoil, these are the items I decided on:

1. The Acai Rope Necklace

The Artisans who make this necklace gain funds to send their children to school and create a better life for their families. Right up my alley! One of my favorite things about this necklace is that it is one long strand. I can double it or triple it, depending on the look I want.

2. The Bazaar Bangles

I’ve had my eye on these bangles for months. I wear a lot of solid colored shirts, so these will go great with just about everything I own! I love the varied textures and materials. These are made in India and provide fair wages to employees, which is rare in a region often underpaid and overworked by American companies who outsource to India.

3. The Rachel Necklace

Much like the Bazaar bangles, this necklace will go with practically everything. My friend Kayla had it on with her outfit the night of the party and I fell in love with it. The Rachel is made in Kampala, Uganda, with paper beads that you may recognize from similar companies. The group that makes this necklace now employs over 400 people in Kampala.

These are the only 3 pieces I purchased, but I have a growing wishlist of items I hope to buy over time (or add to my Christmas list in a few months). Here a few things I am eyeing for later:



1. Nahuala Rectangle Trays

2. Chevron Block Print Bag

3. Athena Cuff

4. Tushabe Layered Necklace

For those of you who are Christmas shoppers all through the year or have birthdays coming up in the family, consider shopping for loved ones at NoonDay Collection so that you can give back with your purchases. If you aren’t confident in what she might choose, they also do e-Gift Cards! Shipping time is between 2-3 weeks.

If you are interested in hosting a party to earn rewards or raise funds for a friend’s adoption, visit this site. 

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