A New Recipe: Crock Pot Brown Sugar Flank Steak (YUM)

Tonight at the Hall house we tried a new recipe and it is delicious. This is a recipe I found on Pinterest last month and I bought the flank steak at Trader Joe’s that week. Because of a few commitments we ended up with that week, the steak moved to the freezer and I forgot all about it. I decided to give it a try this week because it’s a low-maintenance crock pot recipe which is ideal while I’m working on grad school assignments.

I thawed the steak overnight in the refrigerator, but it still had to soak this morning to finish thawing. Due to the extra thaw time, I used the 6 hour setting instead of the 8 hour setting on the crock pot (as recommended below) and it was still delicious. Next time, I will try it for 8 hours to compare.

I whipped up some mashed potatoes and they were the perfect combo with this steak, which falls apart much like a roast does. We will definitely make this again soon– and hopefully I will add something green to the menu next time!

*Photos below are from the original post from themrswiththedishes.com, but she has since closed her site. (The apartment smelled so good from the crock pot that our stomachs were not patient enough for taking pictures.)

Brown Sugar Flank Steak

Yields about 4 servings


2 lb. flank steak

1/4 c. soy sauce

1/3 c. olive oil

4 T. brown sugar

5 garlic cloves, minced

freshly ground black pepper


1. Place all ingredients for the marinade into a bowl and mix.

2. Pour over the flank steak and let it marinate in the refrigerator for at least an hour. (I think I’m going to try overnight next time since I will have fresh meat.)

3. Pour all contents in crock pot. Place heat on low and let cook for 8 hours. (As I said above, I made ours in 6 hours on a higher setting instead of 8. Because of the shorter time frame, I flipped the steak halfway through to make sure it was cooking evenly.)

4. Remove from crockpot. Flank steak should easily shred or slice. (Since we ate ours more like a roast, we actually just pulled the steak apart while it was still sitting inside the crockpot to keep the meat moist.)

The beauty of this dish is that it can be served in a variety of ways. As I said earlier, I made mashed potatoes to go along with it because we had a few russet potatoes on hand, but we also talked about how it would be really good in tacos. The original post mentions serving it over rice and mushrooms as well.

It is a really easy, flavorful recipe that I can’t wait to try again soon. Let me know if you give it a try– I’d love to know how you tweak it and what sides you serve with it!

2 thoughts on “A New Recipe: Crock Pot Brown Sugar Flank Steak (YUM)

  1. Thanks for posting this!!! This is one of my favorite recipes….The original pinner closed down her site and didn’t leave the recipe anywhere. THANK YOU!!!!!!❤❤❤

  2. Omg this is the most mouth watering way to crock pot a flank steak!!! So tender and the flavor is out of this world!!!!

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