Stand in the Gap

In the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking back on this second year of marriage. Man, what a year it’s been.

Last year on this day, we were on the verge of Zach’s dream job, hopeful and expectant. In December, we committed to be debt free by the end of 2016. In January, he came on full-time staff on Elevation‘s Digital team, which came with all kinds of new, fun experiences and joys. In April, we said goodbye to Zach’s childhood home. In May, we celebrated his brother Luke graduating from Liberty. On several weekends, we journeyed back and forth from a hospital room, as our dearest friend Tori began her battle against cancer. In July, I defended my master’s thesis and graduated with my M.Ed.  Along the way, we made life-long friends, invited those friends to eat on the floor of our sweet little apartment, and experienced genuine community with them. Isn’t that the best?  Needless to say, it was a full and wonderful year (mostly).

The Hall Wedding Final-0155.jpgAnd to be honest: my husband absolutely carried me in this year. When I felt like I couldn’t give anymore of myself, he encouraged me. When I was delusional from lack of sleep, he let me fall asleep mid-movie on his chest without complaint. When I came home defeated, he had dinner on the table and a smile on his face, and then listened and prayed over me as I ugly-cried into my tacos. This man, y’all, showed me Jesus this year in a way I cannot truly put into words.

The Hall Wedding Final (2)-0602.jpgWhat I love about marriage is how we are able to stand in the gap for each other, just as Zach did for me. It is an incredible gift that I hope to never take for granted and something I never would have understood before marriage. People like to use the language of he completes me, or he’s the yin to my yang, or or we complement each other, but I don’t see it that way. I love having Zach as my partner in life, as the one who calls me out when I need it (read: often) and leads me closer to Jesus– the one who truly completes me– each passing day.

As we move into Year 3, my prayer is to continue to stand in the gap for my husband. To hold him up when he struggles. To cook him a few more homemade meals. To switch over the laundry more frequently. To be more present, enjoying more moments together rather than checking off the to-do list. To encourage him, to pray for him. And to love him with all I’ve got.

The Hall Wedding Final (2)-0575.jpg

All photos by Erica Serrano Photography

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