taking stock, again.

Making: silly faces

Cooking: poppyseed casserole

Drinking: sweet tea in my AppState Tervis

Reading: Of Mess and Moxie by Jen Hatmaker and It Starts with Food by Melissa Hartwig

Wanting: more hours in the day

Looking: at old photos

Playing: Merged on my phone

Wasting: time?

Sewing: nothing. ever. not my thing.

Wishing: people were more intent on being kind

Enjoying: our new purchases from IKEA this weekend

Waiting: for a more acceptable bedtime than 9PM.

Liking: the sound of crickets chirping outside

Wondering: how moms function. we have no kids and I’m exhausted.

Loving: Zach’s laugh

Hoping: I can continue to embrace change

Marveling: D+D– I’m trying to learn it a little bit at a time

Needing: a massage

Smelling: lemon and eucalyptus

Wearing: my LOVE Week t-shirt and jeans

Following: Shauna NiequistJonathan Martin

Noticing: little things laying around the apartment

Knowing: I will probably never be able to keep a plant alive

Thinking: I need to order groceries

Bookmarking: Whole Sisters food blog

Opening: the mail.

Giggling: over Gilmore Girls. always.

Feeling: grateful.

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