Friday Five 014

Here’s what I’m loving this week as I get in the Christmas spirit…

A wreath that lasts all winter
I was shopping at Target on Monday and couldn’t help but pick up this beautiful eucalyptus wreath for our front door. I have eucalyptus throughout our house, so it was the perfect fit. I love that it’s not overly flashy (my kind of deal) and it can last through the winter months past December 25.

A new set of stockings
Now that we have a fireplace, I was so excited to pick up new stockings. This will be our fourth year married, and we’ve never filled our stockings, but it’s still a fun Christmas decoration. I keep colors pretty simple on our tree, so these stockings fit in perfectly.

A Cyber Monday steal
This was the first year that I got really overwhelmed by all the Cyber Monday communication — my inbox was a hot mess — but I DID take advantage of a great sale at West Elm to order a new couch for our living room. We won’t get it until mid-January, but it’s definitely a gift that will keep on giving (hopefully for a longggg time).

A gift guide that empowers
Sarah Bessey has quickly become one of my favorites, and she published a gift guide that is phenomenal. I much prefer to give gifts that matter — especially to people like our parents who already have everything they need — and this guide gives wonderful ideas. I hope you find something to gift to someone (maybe even yourself?) on this list!

A free background for your tech
I’m quickly falling in love with Every month, they provide several options for tech backgrounds — and the ones for December are beautiful. Emily Ley first got me hooked on changing my lock screen each month with a calendar, so these are a great option as well. I always love a good freebie!

What are you loving this week? 

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