Five on Friday 016

Here’s what I’m loving this week…

A cute way to package sweet treats

I made my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe for coworkers this week and I found these bags and the cutest stickers to package them. They made me even more excited to bake! I also can’t wait to figure out other ways to use the stickers.

A fun Instagram profile

Zach and I are huge fans of the Enneagram, so this Instagram account is a fun follow. There are plenty of practical Enneagram accounts out there, but I like seeing the TV show comparisons, games, etc. here.

A great family game

A friend introduced our family to Farkle and it’s now a new favorite any time we get together. (It’s especially a favorite for me because I’ve won all but one time — ha!) Also, it’s only $8 on Amazon right now, which is great compared to some games that are $40+!

A natural solution for Harry 

Harry has sensitive paws, so I was very excited to find Natural Dog Company, who creates organic, vegan products for pets. I ordered the Pawdicure Tin Set and Skin Soother in hopes of giving his paws some relief. Their other products look great, too.

A final Hamildrop

This was….sob-worthy. Bring back 44.





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