2019 Goals

It’s the last day of January, and I’m finally getting around to sharing my goals for the year. (Better late than never, right?) One of the things I hope to achieve in 2019 is better document my goals and progress throughout the year in this space.

At the end of December, I spent several days completing my Powersheets for 2019, which allowed me to reflect on 2018 and get really intentional about what’s to come. I’ve used them for the past five years and can’t recommend them enough.

This process helped me determine my six goals for 2019:

  1. Grow my faith
  2. Love my people well
  3. Prioritize my health & wellness
  4. Embrace a life of less
  5. Read 100 books
  6. Learn and practice a new hobby

These might seem general or vague, but I’ve broken them down into feasible monthly, weekly, and daily goals or tasks to make them happen. Here’s a bit more about each:

Grow my faith: I want to grow closer to Jesus and learn more about & from the Bible. I have a few mini goals/steps so far to help with this goal:

  • Find a new church home
  • Read my Bible & Savor devotional daily
  • Start a prayer journal
  • Join a small group or Bible study
  • Read books to understand the stories and lessons of the Bible better

Love my people well: This is something that matters deeply to me. Because I’m an Enneagram 2, my relationships are my driving force. My family and friends deserve the best of me, not what’s left over at the end of the day or week. To achieve this, I will:

  • Put my phone away during dinner
  • Plan something fun with Zach each week (record a podcast, play D&D, see a movie, etc.)
  • Continue weekly dinners with my parents (one of my favorite parts of the week!)
  • Call or FaceTime Zach’s parents at least once a week
  • Prioritize texting and calling our siblings (it sounds easy, but we’ve been terrible at this in the past)
  • Schedule an activity with a friend once a week

Prioritize my health & wellness: Ah, the quintessential resolution. I’ve made incredible strides in this over the past few years, but want to keep growing in this area. I’m learning that when I prioritize my health, it allows me to be my best self for the people I love — which feeds so well into Goal #2. Here’s how I’m planning to be well in 2019:

  • Complete my Pilates workout from The Balanced Life on weekday mornings
  • Plan and prep meals each week — packing breakfast and lunches for work, and creating a meal calendar on Fridays
  • Rest and recharge on weekends (AKA don’t overfill the calendar and practice a sabbath)
  • Attend Thursday run club and/or Saturday morning runs

Embrace a life of less: By the end of 2018, I was feeling overwhelmed by stuff, by the calendar, by all of it. Living with less means more time and space for what matters. To live with less, I will:

  • Complete Nancy Ray’s Contentment Challenge (a spending fast)
  • Say “no” to more commitments
  • Enjoy a social media fast once a week (I’m thinking Sundays are the perfect fit)
  • Go room by room to determine excess items to donate or sell — I’ve created an Instagram account, @shophallhouse, in case you’re interested in any of our stuff!

Read 100 books: This is my dreamiest stretch goal. In 2018, I read 60 books. Going from 60 to 100 is a big jump, but I kept thinking about all the time I spent watching TV or scrolling through my phone when I could have been reading. Here’s how I’ll make it happen:

  • Read 8-9 books each month, which is an average of 2 per week
  • Write and post about what I read each month
  • Track progress on Goodreads
  • Read unread books already on our shelves at home — there are 35 books that I’ve bought or been gifted that I haven’t read
  • Utilize the library and Overdrive for free access to more books & audiobooks (free is my favorite kind of book!)
  • Listen to audiobooks during my commute and solo runs

Learn and practice a new hobby: I have the biggest itch to learn something new and be able to enjoy it. Bonus points if it’s something that will occupy my hands while watching TV. A few ideas:

  • Re-learn how to knit
  • Try cross-stitch or embroidery (I got this kit for Christmas and I’m excited/nervous to give it a go)
  • Shop at thrift and secondhand stores for items to flip
  • Be patient with myself as I figure it out 🙂

With these goals in mind, I sat down and mapped out January goals. I’ll recap on January and preview February in a post early next week!

What are your goals for 2019, and how is your year going so far?

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