January Recap & February Goals

I’ve always found that one of the best ways to meet a deadline or complete a daunting task is to bring a friend in on the plan to bully me until it’s done. (Positive peer pressure for the win!) This monthly goals series will basically serve as my online peer pressure/accountability group to make my goals happen.

Normally, I’ll post at the beginning of each month with a recap of the previous month and goals for the month ahead. Due to an insane January, the initial post about January goals never happened, so I’ll give a brief recap here and then move into February — which I’m deeming the actual start of my completion of 2019 goals.

January Recap

Here are the big-picture goals I had in mind for January:

Here are the goals I actually completed:

  • Contentment Challenge Month 1 — This went really well. I read Jen Hatmaker’s 7 as part of this month, and avoided buying anything extraneous for myself. (Not saying it was easy, but I did it!) 
  • Read 8 books — you can read my recap about that here

Like I mentioned, January was so abnormal and out-of-left-field with its multiple turns of events, I had to leave many of my well-intentioned goals behind.

The first 13 days of January were a whirlwind. My grandmother died on January 2, so we celebrated her life and shared time as a family for several days. Then I drove to Chattanooga to join Zach’s family for our belated Christmas celebrations. We had a few normal days before I found myself in emergency surgery. Like I said — bonkers.

The next two weeks were spent in bed, in a chair, or on the couch. So all those pretty, lofty goals were in the garbage. But with all the time I spent sitting, reading 8 books was a breeze.

As for weekly and daily goals, I stopped trying/tracking after surgery, and I honestly didn’t make much progress before then due to all the traveling. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to a fresh start now that it’s February. Unfortunately, my fitness goals are on hold until March due to continued recovery.

What I’m thankful for in January:

  • Zach, my mom, and my mother-in-law Kaye who took such good care of me as I recovered from surgery
  • family time with my family and Zach’s to start the year
  • friends who texted and stopped by to check on me
  • the best Harry snuggles during recovery
  • going back to work without any complications
  • quiet mornings
  • exciting moves for our family coming later this year

February Goals

Big-picture goals for the month:

  • Contentment Challenge Month 2
  • Clean out my desk, our nightstands, and bathroom
  • More veggies, less sugar
  • Read 8 books

Weekly goals:

  • Family check-ins
  • Avengers Endgame countdown
  • Attend church
  • Weekend reset (laundry, chores, grocery shop, meal prep)
  • Self-care Sunday and social media fast
  • 3 blog posts

Daily goals:

  • 80+ oz. water
  • Morning routine
  • Read a physical book
  • Evening routine
  • Phone away at dinner

I learned so much in January that I’m taking with me into February, but this reminder from Emily Ley resonates with me so deeply lately: “I will hold myself to a standard of grace not perfection.”

I won’t give up on my goals because January took me by surprise. I won’t give up because I miss a day of reading or drinking water. I will persevere, and give myself grace. As I reminded friends a few weeks ago, we must be gentle with ourselves. We’re doing the best we can.

Happy February, friends!

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