Five on Friday 018

Happy Friday, friends! Here’s what I’m loving this week…

A new way to relax

One of my favorite brands, Little Barn Apothecary, has a Coconut + Eucalyptus Air Water that seems like the perfect addition to a nighttime routine to help you wind down from a long day.

An article for anyone who’s ever read Gary Chapman 

This week on Twitter, I stumbled on this article about “new” love languages. I DIED. GIFs are absolutely a love language. Also, quiet time. Zach was so very on board with the Touche description, joking: “You mean not all marriages are like that?” Bless. We had fun.

A change for my nighttime routine

I was studying (you think I’m kidding) this article from The Everygirl and got so excited about the Water Sleeping Mask from LANEIGE. I’m almost out of my favorite moisturizer and have been thinking about making a switch to a different one for my nighttime routine. Now I’m torn between the night cream from Fresh or this. (To be honest, the price point of LANEIGE will probably win.)

A company that empowers

I recently found the sweetest online fair trade shop, The Little Market. They have the cutest items that are made by artisans around the world. I love these baskets, totes, and throw (see image above). As I strive to be more conscious of where I shop, I know I will return to their site time and again to support these beautiful ladies.

A source of inspiration

A few months back, Nancy Ray launched (separate from her photography business), and I’ve been so grateful for her content. (She is the source of the Contentment Challenge I’m in the middle of!) Her series on the 5 Daily Steps to Create Calm amidst the Chaos is a game changer! I highly recommend her site if you’re in the need of a little push 🙂

That’s what I have for this week! What are you loving these days?

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