Five on Friday 019

Here’s what I’m loving this week….

An article about resolutions & goals

Every morning, I look forward to The Good Trade’s Daily Good newsletter landing in my inbox. Each newsletter has resources to share, and this article on self-care was a reminder I needed this week. A brief excerpt worth considering, if nothing else:

“We’re not against setting goals and boundaries, or practicing healthy habits and routines. We are against making resolutions that focus on what we’re lacking and persuade us to remake ourselves. Resolutions should inspire us, they should encourage us to embrace self-care habits that foster growth and love for others; we shouldn’t feel the need to become different people.”

A new approach to laundry

This week, I ordered a sample pack of detergent pods from Dropps, a subscription service for laundry that is focused on cruelty-free, plant-based, zero-waste products. As I continue working to evaluate the products we use and how they impact our bodies and environment, I was very excited about this find. I opted for the Stain & Odor pods in Lavender Eucalyptus, but they are also available in other scents (or unscented), along with other options besides Stain & Odor (sensitive skin, baby friendly, etc.). Here’s to hoping they’re awesome!

A recording of an adorable four year old 

Zach found this YouTube video a dad took of his four year old at hockey practice — all mic’d up. He was so precious. Please watch and try not to gush. I dare you. Then maybe go to BacDonald’s after (if you know, you know). Also, we could all take notes from this kid’s positive self-talk. 🙂

An aluminum-free deodorant

One of biggest trends I’ve tried and failed to get on board with is natural deodorant. I felt gross with the two brands I tried several years ago (without much research beforehand), but I’m hearing great things about Kopari from a friend. I’m a big fan of coconut oil-based products, so I placed an order today for the beach-scented option. We’ll see how it goes…

A whole other level of #housegoals

If you’ve never heard of The Home Edit, you’re missing out. Cleo and Joanna (and their love for organization) make this company one of my favorite follows on Instagram. I have all sorts of organization dreams for our home, so I love to drool over their completed projects for people who make much more money than I ever will. Anyone who doesn’t get a sense of satisfaction from their projects is just silly. Do you see that photo up there?! Also, they make it attainable for the plebeians (hi, me) by linking their favorite products (and by photo!!) in their shop. I’ll stop gushing now…

What are you loving this week? Let’s hear about it!

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