Five on Friday 020

Here’s what I’m loving this week, besides those 3 brief days of glorious sunshine…

A disposable wipe that beats Clorox

I have a new desk buddy at work who is passionate about cruelty-free products (Harry says thank you) and she recently swapped out our standard Clorox wipes for these heavenly smelling ones from Method. They’re available in three scents — french lavender, lime & sea salt, and grapefruit (ours!) — and two sizes. Now I’m at home staring at our less-amazing-smelling wipes ready for the day I can make the switch at home without being wasteful. Does that happens to anyone else?

An addition to my skincare routine

I’ll be sharing more about this tomorrow, but couldn’t wait to share about my new favorite product for my nighttime skincare routine: the Overnight Resurfacing Peel from Beautycounter. After my first use, I woke up glowing. My makeup went on smoother, my pores were smaller…. I’m a big fan.

A fair trade source for those can’t-come-soon-enough beach days

After all this crazy, record-setting rain, I’m ready for SUN, BEACH, and WARM. I shared about the Little Market a few weeks back, and I’ve returned to their site a few times since then to drool. (The Contentment Challenge has really set in, y’all. Not spending fun money is hard.) Anyway, I love their beach-going accessories, especially this fringe striped towel and the sun sand surf tote. C’mon, spring…..we’re so close!

A night of beautiful speeches

As Jude Law’s character admits in The Holiday, I’m the first to say that I’m a major weepah. Videos and photos of babies and puppies — tears. Emotional scenes in movies — I’m a goner. So when it comes to acceptance speeches, I’m a puddly mess, and the Oscars this past week didn’t disappoint. I found this mash-up of 6 “must-see” speeches, in case you missed out. Bring on the tissues.

A new follow on Instagram

For all you book lovers out there, go check out Book Babes. These four ladies launched on Galentine’s Day and have produced wonderful content for fellow bookworms since Day 1. I also happen to know 3 out 4 of the group (two from high school, one from work), and they’re wonderful humans. You can learn more about them and read their review archive here. Now I’m just waiting on them to start listing the proper wine pairings for each book. (Looking at you, Abby.)

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