#BetterBeauty & an Announcement

As I’ve mentioned over the past few months, I’ve become increasingly passionate about clean, environmentally-friendly, safe products for me, our family, and our home. After discovering a variety of food sensitivities two years ago and learning more about how the products I use and consume impact my health and wellbeing, I’m trying to be as intentional as possible with those choices.

This month, I finally started making the switch with my makeup and skincare. If you’ve followed along here lately, you know I’m a fan of Little Barn Apothecary and Town & Anchor‚ but their limited line of products has some gaps. (Plus, shopping from all different places for what I need is time consuming and a bit frustrating at times.)

Enter Beautycounter. This skincare and beauty company has committed themselves to be a trusted source for clean beauty, and also happens to be passionate about environmental impact.

A few reasons I was sold on the company:

  • They have a Never List of 1500+ chemicals they refuse to use to maintain higher healthy and safety standards.
  • They’re a Certified B Corporation due to their dedication to safe products, sustainability, charitable giving, advocacy, and transparency.
  • They’ve recently become a Signatory of the United Nations Global Compact.

Basically, they practice what they preach — and that matters to me.

After a few conversations and a lot of research (if you know me, this is no surprise), I decided to give them a try. I was running low on several products, so it was a great time to order a few things.

And I can’t begin to tell you how much I fell in love with everything I ordered. My skin has never felt better, especially in such a short time.

So, I’m excited to announce that I’ve joined the team. In addition to my 9 to 5, I’ll be sharing Beautycounter — its mission and the benefits of its products — with others. It’s already making a positive impact on me, and I’m hoping it will do the same for others as well.

For anyone interested in learning more, I’d love to know what type of products you’re interested in! Or, visit the site and take a peek. Then, stay tuned in the coming weeks as I share some of my favorite products so far!

One thought on “#BetterBeauty & an Announcement

  1. Wow! I am always looking for new companies and/or products. This sounds like such a good one, I really respect their values from what you have told me, and I am happy for you to have gotten a job there. Many congratulations and good luck, Jess!

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