Five on Friday 021

Here’s what I’m loving this week (fully recognizing that it’s Saturday and not Friday)…

A reminder of ways to live slow

This article was lovely. While I can’t relate to her singleness, I still appreciated her perspective on relishing in the slower, savored life. Here’s a quick glimpse:

Overall, becoming more of a “slow” person for me, simply means that I am working on taking my time with all that I do. I am no longer allowing my fears to send me speeding through life. I am carving out space in both the big and small things, making room to develop intentions and live by those intentions.

A contraption I wish I’d invented

Color Switch is what every woman has wished for … for basically forever. It’s basically a tool to help clean an eyeshadow brush between colors. Genius! Why didn’t I come up with that?!

A recipe for your next potluck

I made these several weeks ago for a potluck at work and they were a huge hit. It’s like buffalo chicken dip in meatball form. Check out the photo and try not to drool. Seriously.

A guide for organizing your pantry

I wrapped up Emily Ley’s Ruthless Declutter Challenge last week and just finished reading the new book from The Home Edit. I’m basically in an organizing hangover. Pantries tend to be a major pain point for people, so check out this resource from Emily’s team on how to reset and maintain yours.

A resource for togetherness

Over the past few years, you’ve likely stumbled onto one of the fun 52 Lists journals. The latest is 52 Lists for Togetherness, and I love its intentionality toward inspiring people to cherish relationship again. From the product description: “In addition to list prompts, there are fun and easy interactive activities for you to list away with all your loved ones, or one special partner.” What a fun way to spark adventure and creativity in our relationships as spring finally arrives!

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