Makeup Routine | Flawless in Five

Next up in sharing my Beautycounter journey is makeup — yay!

I’ve always kept a simple makeup routine, so I was very excited to start with the Flawless in Five set ($150, shown above) which comes with:

  • Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation (like a tinted moisturizer)
  • Touchup Skin Concealer Pen
  • Color Define Brow Pencil or Brilliant Brow Gel
  • Lengthening or Volumizing Mascara
  • Satin Powder Blush
  • Lip Gloss

These six products give me a nice, put-together feel in five minutes — and they’re my base for a work day. I’ll also add eye shadow and eyeliner for an extra minute’s work (although I haven’t switched to Beautycounter in these products yet).

You get to choose your shade for each item, with recommendations provided for the blush and concealer once you choose your foundation. (For help choosing your foundation shade, try this site.)

The value of this set is pretty amazing. Anyone who shops outside of the drugstore or Target likely spends about this much on their makeup routine without realizing it. I recognize it doesn’t include everything (looking at you, eye shadow and liner) but it’s a great introduction into clean beauty.

Note: I doprefer lipstick over lipgloss, so if you’re like me, check out the beautiful shades available in the Color Intense Lipstick ($34). It feels so good. See fun shades below!

Soon, I’ll be looking to try a few other shades of lipstick — the duo is a great deal I’m eyeing — along with an eyeshadow palette (hello, Classic) and bronzer (perfect for summer!).

As I mentioned in my post about skincare, I know that budgeting can be one of the biggest factors in making the switch to clean beauty, so I’d recommend trying a set like the Flawless in Five, or picking one product (maybe foundation or lipstick) to switch to first. One cleaner product is better than none! Regardless of what you decide, I’m cheering you on over here in my corner of the internet, and I’m happy to help however I can.

So, what products are you most interested in trying? I’d love to help you in your journey to cleaner beauty!

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