Five on Friday 022

Here’s what I’m loving this week….

A new cookbook

I know I normally share my favorite reads in my Read Feed, but cookbooks don’t always end up there. This week, I read through Love & Lemons Every Day and it was fantastic! If you lean toward gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan recipes, I highly recommend you check it out!

A good laugh

On Sunday, my mom, sister, and I curled up and howled over Wine Country on Netflix. The jokes aren’t for everyone and there’s been a lot of critique, but I loved it and enjoyed the girl time — the only thing missing for us was wine on our side of the screen, since we were watching midday Sunday.

A clean subscription service

Two months ago, I joined Grove during a 2AM shopping spree. (Those happen more often than I’d like to admit.) But now I look forward to choosing my order each month — because unlike other subscriptions, it doesn’t have to be the same order each time! They have a wide range of products for your home, all meeting Grove standards of non-toxicity, efficacy, sustainability, and cruelty-free practices. Brands I’ve fallen in love with at Target (hello, Mrs. Meyer and Method) are available through Grove in larger quantities and more sustainable packaging. Like I said, I’m in love.

A great weather week

No links necessary. It’s been a gorgeous, humidity-free week and I was so happy. I wish I could say it’s going to stick around, but soon I’ll just be sticking to my shirt instead… so I’ll love this weather while I have it!

A unique print shop

I stumbled on Family Tree earlier this week and thought their work would be so fun for families who come from different areas or love to travel. There are also great pieces for kids’ rooms — Mario Kart art, NASA, fairy tales, etc. My favorite series is the 50 States of Botanicals. North Carolina’s image is featured above. They also have a 25% off sale at the time I’m typing this, so don’t miss out on that if you like what you see!

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