About Me

A few things to know about me:zach-and-jess-0058.jpg

I’m married to Zach Hall and life with him is my favorite. He’s most often the source of my deepest belly laughs. And I love to laugh.

I am a creative at heart, currently working as a copywriter and living out other creative dreams during my free time.

I’m a nerd. I regularly pull a Rory Gilmore and carry the book I’m reading in my purse. I play Dungeons & Dragons with my friends. And I listen to podcasts like it’s my job, ranging in topics from comic books to marketing strategy.

I’ve spent the past few years learning how to fight for the life I dreamed of. That meant saying “no” to almost everything, leaving a job I thought I was going to have forever, taking time for actual restand then setting goals to make those dreams come to life

Throughout that transformation, I learned it was really important to take care of myself. I do my best to stick to a paleo diet, I run with friends, and I attend yoga classes during my lunch break. Somehow I became that “active” type, and it works for me.

My faith is my lifeline, and I’m constantly learning what it looks like to love like Jesus in this harsh, broken world. As Sarah Bessey says, “Sometimes our most holy calling is to listen, to bear witness.” I hope that this little online platform will become an opportunity to fulfill that holy calling of loving, listening, and bearing witness.

Photo cred: Brian Schindler 


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