About Me

View More: http://ericaserranophotography.pass.us/the-hall-wedding10 things to know about me:

1. I love Jesus and I love worshipping Him at Elevation Church.

2. I am a high school English teacher figuring it out as I go along.

3. I love to laugh.

4. I am a TV buff (check out my Favorites page for more details on that).  

5. If I could, I would wear leggings, a cardigan and a scarf year round.

6. I always have a drink in my hand (preferably a Chick-fil-a sweet tea or a vanilla chai latte).

7. I am in the midst of creating a healthy lifestyle. (We’ll see how this goes.)

8. I am always learning. Technology, calligraphy, running. It’s always something.

9. I am always reading. I don’t pull a Rory Gilmore and carry a book in my purse or anything, but I constantly have a book I’m reading, even if it’s sitting on my nightstand.

10. I am married to Zach Hall and life with him is my favorite.

Photo cred: Erica Serrano Photography  


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