Read Feed | April 2018

With less time spent on social media lately, I’ve missed sharing the books I’m enjoying this year. My hope is to share the books I’ve read at the end of each month here for a bit more of a comprehensive approach.

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Friday Five 006

This week, I’m loving…

I finally dropped by Lidl this week and I can’t believe what I’ve been missing! They have so many organic and gluten free options for half the price — I literally cut our grocery bill in half. I can’t wait to explore it more in the coming weeks!

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Cataloging Gratitude

Two and a half years ago, I sat on our couch beside my friend Chrissy as we shared what God was teaching us in a Google Hangout with my dearest friend Tori. It was cold and winter and all three of us felt like we had lost perspective on what mattered. We wanted to change that. So once a week, we gathered just like that, two in Charlotte and one in Boone connected through technology to share life together. We decided to read Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts in an act of sheer desperation to understand how to shift our perspective, how to focus more on the good than all the bad that threatened to consume us.

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2017 Goals + January’s Baby Steps

Today I’m sharing my 2017 goals. It might seem boring, but I’ve had the best ten days or so reflecting on what I’m hoping for this year. For the past several years, I have loved using Lara Casey’s goal setting series + Powersheets as a way to set goals in the new year– and (for the most part) actually achieve them! I can’t recommend her blog, company, + book enough. I’ve worked through my 2017 Powersheets prep + I’ve decided on 10 goals for 2017. Some of them are broad, some are specific, and some are downright scary– but I’ve prayed + know they are what are best for me and our little family. I want to share them with you here today + each month as a form of accountability + so you can follow along in case you’re interested. Continue reading

2017: The Year to be Brave

Happy New Year’s Eve, friends. I come to this day with a mending heart, a quiet spirit, and a sigh of relief. Most of you know that 2016 has been a heartbreaking year for the Halls, and I don’t say that lightly. We’ve spent the past few months doing the near-impossible task of taping our hearts back together and realizing there is no way to make sense of it all– there is only the opportunity to move forward, ever-so-slowly, into a new way of looking at the world and loving those around us. We come to the end of 2016 holding each other closer, praising Jesus with tear-stained cheeks and shaking, but still-lifted hands. We survived, and we owe it all to Jesus and those He so carefully surrounded us with in this season.

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