Friday Five 006

This week, I’m loving…

I finally dropped by Lidl this week and I can’t believe what I’ve been missing! They have so many organic and gluten free options for half the price — I literally cut our grocery bill in half. I can’t wait to explore it more in the coming weeks!

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Friday Five 005

In an effort to be more active on the blog in 2018, I’m bringing back the Friday Five. The basic idea is that I share five things each week that I’ve found and love so that you can explore them, too!

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Friday Five 004: I Spy

Today I feature 5 things that I’ve added to my wish list lately — some I will probably get with leftover birthday money, while others are “someday” purchases. (I avoid those “never in a million years” items because that’s just not healthy!) I try to “sit” on things I want for a bit to make sure it’s something I will really use or enjoy so that I don’t waste money or buy impulsively (my weakness). Putting them down in my Wunderlist app typically helps me prioritize from that list and go from there. Without further ado, I spy with my little eye…

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Friday Five 003: Five I’m Trying

Happy Saturday! It has been a crazy week in the Hall family so we are thrilled for the weekend. Today’s Friday Five (one day late) will focus on five things I’m trying out. Most revolve around wellness and health, which is very new for us. I hope you enjoy hearing a bit about what’s going on around here!

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Friday Five 002: Five that Give Back

Welcome back for Friday Five! Today I want to feature 5 organizations that have meaning and promote a great cause. I don’t know about you, but I love to purchase products and support companies that give back to the community and help make the world a better place, even if it means spending a little bit more. Continue reading

Friday Five 001

Our friend Emily has an awesome blog about family and motherhood that I love to read. She posts beautiful pictures and hilarious stories about her boys, Gideon and Nolan, and is really honest about life as a stay-at-home mama and all that their life entails. She and her husband Taylor are precious to us– in fact, Taylor officiated our wedding so beautifully and they did our premarital counseling. While Zach and I aren’t planning on growing our family anytime soon, I still love reading about their sweet family now that they live an eternity away (I exaggerate) in South Carolina.   Continue reading