2017 Goals + January’s Baby Steps

Today I’m sharing my 2017 goals. It might seem boring, but I’ve had the best ten days or so reflecting on what I’m hoping for this year. For the past several years, I have loved using Lara Casey’s goal setting series + Powersheets as a way to set goals in the new year– and (for the most part) actually achieve them! I can’t recommend her blog, company, + book enough. I’ve worked through my 2017 Powersheets prep + I’ve decided on 10 goals for 2017. Some of them are broad, some are specific, and some are downright scary– but I’ve prayed + know they are what are best for me and our little family. I want to share them with you here today + each month as a form of accountability + so you can follow along in case you’re interested. Continue reading



Happy 2016, friends.

This new year is certainly a season of change in many areas of my life. It’s the end of our first semester at MHS, the beginning of a new semester of grad school, and so much more. All of this is exciting and overwhelming in a great way.

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2015 Goals.

Happy Monday, everyone! I am so thankful for a long weekend and the beginning of a new semester this week. After a crazy week of exams for my students last week, it has taken me until today to fully recover and refocus on the week ahead.

I am also very excited because I wrapped up my 2015 prep this weekend using Lara Casey‘s “Make It Happen” book and PowerSheets. I’ve followed her blog for several years now and was so excited about her book’s release in December. This is also the first time I’ve used the PowerSheets to set goals– previously I’ve just used to blog posts, which is perfectly fine too. If you’re looking for an in-depth process to set goals that matter and keep them, these are all great tools.

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Contentment Challenge: Fall 2014

There is so much I want to post and share about all that has happened since the wedding, and I simply haven’t had the time to post.

In the meantime, I want to write about something that is really on my heart. Our pastor just finished an amazing series on relationships and one of my biggest takeaways during Week 5’s message was to learn what it means to live with contentment.

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May Goals & The 100 Day Countdown


In 100 days on Thursday, Zach and I will be married. MARRIED! Wow. I can’t believe we are “here.” I couldn’t help but mention it because this has been such an amazing, frustrating, and blessed season of engagement. Obviously, there are still 100 more days, but if the President can move mountains in his first 100 days in office, we can prepare for marriage in the next 100…to the best of our ability, of course. This blog post is pretty simple– I’m updating my year’s goals again. I’m hoping, as always, to improve, and I know that perfection is a long shot. With the school year winding down, I will hopefully be able to blog more frequently.

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