My Mamaw likes to tell the story from my younger years when I traveled with them in their RV to Disney World. I was so obsessed with The Sound of Music that we watched it on repeat for the whole. trip. there. My poor grandparents were stuck with me, Julie Andrews, and the endearing soundtrack for more than 10 hours. My adult self realizes the torture, but the child me loved every minute.

I went on to perform in The Sound of Music during my freshmen year of high school and had a blast assistant directing the same show my first year of teaching. That musical will always have a special place in my heart. It seems only fitting to highlight my favorites with a title like “My Favorite Things.” So, why not? I will share my “top 5” lists below for anyone interested. Here goes nothing.

These are a few of my favorite things… 


Shauna Niequist

Teaching Sam + Scout

Jess Connolly 

Lara Casey

Emily Ley

Honorable Mention: The Small Things Blog


The Kite Runner. Yes. All-time fave.

Little Women. Total cheese factor, I know.

The Harry Potter series. It’s the kid in me. (I’m still praying for more books. One day J.K. Rowling will oblige. I believe it.)

One Thousand Gifts. Because it’s beautiful.

The Paris Wife. A new addition.

Honorable Mention: Firefly Lane. I cry every. single. time. 



The Good Wife


Grey’s Anatomy


Honorable Mention: How I Met Your Mother



Lou + Grey



Lucky Brand Jeans

Honorable Mention: Old Navy


Elevation Worship

All Sons + Daughters

Bryan + Katie Torwalt

Taylor Swift


Honorable Mention: Kari Jobe









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