Friday Five 006

This week, I’m loving…

I finally dropped by Lidl this week and I can’t believe what I’ve been missing! They have so many organic and gluten free options for half the price — I literally cut our grocery bill in half. I can’t wait to explore it more in the coming weeks!

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Friday Five 004: I Spy

Today I feature 5 things that I’ve added to my wish list lately — some I will probably get with leftover birthday money, while others are “someday” purchases. (I avoid those “never in a million years” items because that’s just not healthy!) I try to “sit” on things I want for a bit to make sure it’s something I will really use or enjoy so that I don’t waste money or buy impulsively (my weakness). Putting them down in my Wunderlist app typically helps me prioritize from that list and go from there. Without further ado, I spy with my little eye…

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