A Whole30 Summer

Well, you’ve asked for it. Here’s the start of a summer Whole30 series.

Friends have approached me over the past year to ask how to be successful with Whole30 — and other versions of clean eating (Paleo, GF/DF, etc.). I’ll be following Whole30 guidelines in June & July, and thought it would be a great time to help anyone who is interested in how I make it happen.

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Friday Five 005

In an effort to be more active on the blog in 2018, I’m bringing back the Friday Five. The basic idea is that I share five things each week that I’ve found and love so that you can explore them, too!

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A Favorite Recipe: Roasted Red Pepper + Prosciutto Stuffed Chicken

One of our goals as a newly married couple is to eat at home often and try new recipes. Our recently purchased list on Amazon is a testament to that. Over the past month we’ve bought 4 new cookbooks. It’s going to be a great adventure in the kitchen as the spring and summer seasons come our way. No more winter frump!

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